EU GMP Certification

There is no greater standard of excellence than obtaining EU GMP certification for the production of medical grade cannabis.

What is EU GMP certification?

European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP) certification is the highest pharmaceutical standard of quality in the world. It is an essential requirement for exporting medical cannabis to countries in the EU. Certification dictates not only production standards, but also the handling, storage and packaging of the product. GlassHouse Botanics custom-built its facilities for the express purpose of obtaining EU GMP certification. Our standard operating procedures are designed to meet all regulatory requirements.

Current status

GlassHouse Botanics received it’s EU GMP certificate by the German Department of Healthcare (Schleswig-Holstein) in 2023.

Canadian certifications

In July 2019, Health Canada issued a licence to GlassHouse Botanics under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations to possess, cultivate, produce and sell cannabis at our facility. Health Canada subsequently issued a licence in May 2020 to allow GlassHouse to cultivate outdoors on our premises.


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